Charges for Services Selected

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Below is the Price List for our services.  We keep our prices low by charging only for those services that are used.  We however do not charge you the fee unless the charge is incurred.  This way, you are only paying for the services you request. we are not charging everyone for services they don't need.

General Price List

These Prices are effective as from March 10, 2021 subject to change without notice.

The Goods and Services shown below are those that we can provide to our customers.  You may choose and pay for only the Items you desire.  However, any direct disposition arrangements you select must include a charge for our basic services and overhead. 

Please note that there may be additional charges for extra expenses and special request items not listed, such as newspaper notices, Cemetery fees, Medical Examiner fees, removals after normal operating hours etc. These extra charges are listed on the back side of this General Price List.

Basic Services of Direct Disposer and Staff $395.00

Our fee for the basic services of Direct Disposer and Staff includes, but is not limited to Staff to respond to the initial request for service, arrangement conference with family and responsible parties.  Preparation and filing of necessary authorizations and permits, recording of vital statistics, and coordination with crematory.

In addition, this fee includes a proportionate share of our overhead cost, such as facilities maintenance, equipment and inventory cost, insurance and administration expenses, and government compliance.  This fee is already included in our Direct Cremation Packages.

Transportation $225.00

Removal from place of death and transportation to the refrigeration/cremation facility, during normal hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., (within a 20 mile radius) Additional mileage (over 20 miles) @ 3.00 per mile one way.

Refrigeration (Up to 5 Days) $150.00

Florida Law does NOT require embalming. Since embalming is not part of Direct Disposition and as such we do not perform this service, refrigeration of the remains is required.  Since REFRIGERATION IS REQUIRED, there is a charge for this.

Cremation Container $90.00

We use an alternative cremation container made of heavy duty cardboard that meets state requirements.

Crematory Fee $200.00

This is the fee we pay the Crematory to perform the cremation process.

TOTAL $1,070.00

Direct Cremation Package - Pre-need or At-need $650.00

This package includes basic service fee, transportation from the place of death (within a 20 mile radius)  additional mileage (over 20 miles) @ 3.00 per mile one way, refrigeration, cremation container (Heavy Duty Cardboard), and cremation fee.

All of our fees, including service, merchandise, and  cash advance fees are due and payable at the time arrangements are made.

We accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards.

Accounts Not Paid Within 30 Days Will Incur A Billing Fee Of $100.00

Additional Charge- Removal of remains in state of decomposition $125.00
Arrangement Conference at a Location other than our offices $75.00
Other - Extra Mileage @ $3.00 per mile - one way
Refrigeration over 5 days per day $25.00
Sanitary Disaster Pouch $100.00
Removal of Pacemaker $75.00
Medical Examiners Fee per specific County Charge
Expedite Cremation Fee $100.00
Death Certificates per specific County Charge
Death Certificate Reorder Fee $10.00
Additional Weight Fee, over 300 pounds under 400 pounds $100.00
Additional Weight Fee, over 400 pounds up to 500 pounds $275.00
Weight over 500 pounds prices vary according to specific weight
Urn Vault starting at $250.00
Urns From $25.00 -- As selected
Memorial Register Book From $35.00 – As selected
Memorial Folders/Prayer Cards (Per 100) $75.00
Acknowledgement Cards (Per 25) From $10.00 - As selected
Memorial Package - as selected - Book, 100 Folders & 25 Acknowledgement Cards $150.00
7 Line death notice in Ledger/News Chief (Plus newspaper charges) $20.00
Obituary in Local Newspapers - Plus applicable  Newspaper Charges $50.00
Obituary in other Newspapers - Plus applicable  Newspaper Charges $50.00
Packaging and Ground Shipping of Ashes within Continental USA starting at $100.00
Scattering of Ashes by Air or Sea $300.00
Insurance Assignment Fee - Per Company $100.00
Faxing or e-mailing of Cremation Authorizations or other documents per item $10.00
Placing cremated remains in urn not purchased from us $50.00
Taking Thumbprint  $25.00
Separating cremated remains per bag $10.00