Cremation Services of Polk County, LLC

We are a locally owned and operated Florida Licensed Direct Disposer.  Licensed to provide cremation services only to the public.  We have two offices to serve you, Winter Haven and Haines City, but we are available to serve all of Central Florida, Polk County and the State of Florida.

Being a Direct Disposer the Only service we can provide is a Direct Cremation.  We cannot offer Funeral, Memorial or viewing services. The removal of the remains will be handled professionally with respect and dignity. We have our own refrigeration and and crematory and all cremations are handled in a dignified manner by our employees.

What is a Direct Disposer?

Put simply the State of Florida licenses  Direct Disposers to arrange for and conduct Cremation of the Deceased Remains only, without services or rituals. 

  • Direct Disposers cannot provide any service other than the cremation itself.
  • Direct Disposers cannot provide Embalming, Viewings, Burials, Memorial Services, etc....
  • You can view more information about Direct Disposition by clicking here



  • Cremation is performed by placing human remains in an individual cremation container or prepared casket within the cremation chamber where they are subjected to intense heat and flame Upon completion of the calcine cycle, all substances are conĀ­sumed or driven off, except bone fragments (calcium compounds), metal, and other nonhuman material.                                                                                                                     
  • The remains (consisting of bone fragments, metal, etc.) are then raked from the chamber. The cremated human remains will be separated from most metal and other nonhuman material to which may be attached bone particles or other human residue. These material will be disposed of by the Crematory in a nonrecoverable manner. Jewelry, dental bridgework, and dental fillings will be either destroyed in the cremation process or will be nonrecoverable.                                                                                              
  • The cremated human remains are then mechanically processed (pulverized). Once processed, the cremated human remains are then placed in the specified urn or container. The Crematory makes a reasonable and prudent effort to remove and recover all of the cremated remains from the cremation chamber, processing equipment and other subsequent tools or containers.                                                                  
  • It is impossible to remove or recover all cremated remains; some bone particle and other residue will remain on or within the equipment. It is also impossible to guarantee or warrant that some bone particles or other residue could not be commingled with those of previously cremated human remains.

According to the State of Florida Cremation   "Cremation" means any mechanical or thermal process whereby a dead human body is reduced to ashes and bone fragments. Cremation also includes any other mechanical or thermal process whereby human remains are pulverized, burned, recremated, or otherwise further reduced in size or quantity.  FS Chapter 497.005 (20)

If you want to know even more  about the process you can find different postings and research at (Warning May contain Graphic informationWikipedia here.